Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport is located in Highfill, in the county of Benton, in the United States. The XNA airport has a two-level passenger terminal with two concourses: A and B.

The lower level contains arrival and departure lounges, ground transportation counters, including ticket counters as well. Also here is located baggage claim carousels, baggage counters, and handling too. From a lower level, there is access to departure lounges, to concourse B, to upper level and gates B1 and B10.

The upper level has access to arrival and departure lobbies, security checkpoints. Also, there are ATMs, several dining and shopping sections, including O'Loughlin Lounge, business center, and gates A1 and A3.

Due to the expansion project, Terminal building was improved in 2018 and has become much more significant than it used to be.